Late Updates

Boat in Field
One thing about going away every weekend to a photogenic location, is that processing the pictures I take starts to backlog. To get 20 pictures up on flickr takes me about 2 hours of downloading, processing, and uploading. One of the things I've done to hopefully aleviate that system is buy a mac. Just a cute little iBook, but it comes with iPhoto, which should do most of the steps of my downloading and processing all in one.

The PEI trip was awesome! Ines was the greatest host ever, and we did a whirlwind tour of the island. I got to see lots of lighthouses, wind turbines, beaches, and potato fields from tip to tip. I took almost 500 pictures, and am still in the process of going through them. I'll have more online within a week or so I hope.

Wes and I's trip to Michigan was also a blast. Camping the night before was funny, we had way too much fun drawing pictures with a flashlight and my camera on long exposures. We're definitely going to have to do them again. The race was awesome. It was very loud, and actually being there gives a much better sense of how fast they are going than seeing it on tv. (300 km/h!!!!) More pictures will be coming from there as well.


Weekend Photos

Sailing b&w
Alright, Owen Sound pictures are up! This is the first and second pass through them, so at some point there could be some more added.

Leaving for PEI in less than 2 days! Gotta remember to charge the camera, bring cd's to backup on every night, and have lots of fun. Shouldn't be hard.

There are some pictures of the parts for wind generators that they're putting up on the Bruce Peninsula in the latest set. I'm so impressed that we're finally getting them here. Ines tells me there are more in PEI, so we'll be going to check them out at some point. I think it's extremely important that Canada invests heavily in alternative power production. That is all.


Setting Moon

Setting Moon
What an awesome weekend, it surpassed all expectations of awesomeness.

Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Driving up highway 6 in the afternoon on Friday, ending up behind Wes just as we got to Owen Sound. He was headed to Sauble, me to Owen Sound. Odds of that happening? 12.

Dinner with my Uncle, Bob, and my Grandfather at Montana's.

Seeing Bonnie's artwork (watercolour paintings) and going to an art show in Owen Sound with her showcasing local artists. We saw some really unique and interesting stuff. I bought a painting by Judy Gray!

Family Reunion at Harrison Park, catching up with relatives, playing volleyball, and feasting on an excellent dinner.

Swimming at my Aunt Lynn's cottage afterwards, followed by some drinks and spending the night (we all had tents)

Seeing Inglis Falls with my Grandpa Ted and Bonnie, taking lots of pictures, running into Wendy Bachiu (hope I got the spelling right).

More swimming at the cottage, lunch, then a long drive home.

Lowlights include:

Stupid drivers who drift between 75 and 110 km/h! I know you might not have cruise control, but it doesn't mean you can't keep a constant speed by varying the presure on the gas pedal with your foot!

That's about it, it really was a fantastic weekend! I'll be processing the rest of the pictures this week, for now I have 6 sunset pictures up on my site.


Big Weekends

Plane by the Steeple
A big few weeks coming up.

Today I'm going to see my grandfather in Owen Sound, it's been way too long since I've been there to see him. Tomorrow we have our annual family reunion. Sunday I'm not sure what my plans are. I'm thinking of maybe heading over to Sauble Beach for some swimming.

Next weekend I'm using my remaining vacation days and taking a 4 day weekend to head down to PEI to visit a friend who just moved out there. I'm hoping the weather will be somewhat better than last time:
(check out the full size picture to see the ice pellets travelling sideways!)

Just kidding, I know it's really nice there now. We're hoping to get to the National Park, and to the Wind Generators (which should make for some fantastic pictures!).

The following weekend I'm letting the sun darken up my neck some, and heading to Michigan with Wes to see my first Nascar race. From what he says it's going to be great!