Setting Moon

Setting Moon
What an awesome weekend, it surpassed all expectations of awesomeness.

Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Driving up highway 6 in the afternoon on Friday, ending up behind Wes just as we got to Owen Sound. He was headed to Sauble, me to Owen Sound. Odds of that happening? 12.

Dinner with my Uncle, Bob, and my Grandfather at Montana's.

Seeing Bonnie's artwork (watercolour paintings) and going to an art show in Owen Sound with her showcasing local artists. We saw some really unique and interesting stuff. I bought a painting by Judy Gray!

Family Reunion at Harrison Park, catching up with relatives, playing volleyball, and feasting on an excellent dinner.

Swimming at my Aunt Lynn's cottage afterwards, followed by some drinks and spending the night (we all had tents)

Seeing Inglis Falls with my Grandpa Ted and Bonnie, taking lots of pictures, running into Wendy Bachiu (hope I got the spelling right).

More swimming at the cottage, lunch, then a long drive home.

Lowlights include:

Stupid drivers who drift between 75 and 110 km/h! I know you might not have cruise control, but it doesn't mean you can't keep a constant speed by varying the presure on the gas pedal with your foot!

That's about it, it really was a fantastic weekend! I'll be processing the rest of the pictures this week, for now I have 6 sunset pictures up on my site.


Bradtholomew said...

Bah! I'm sure the reunion was much quieter this year anyways. (without me) As long as Dad's team didn't win the golf tournament, I'm happy. haha

martin said...

Just guess who's team won? Uncle Dave of course, another stacked team. ;)

Sarah said...

did you have arm wrestling matches? because i'm just saying, you need to redeem yourself :)

martin said...

I'm afraid no arm wrestling. :(