Snowfall Continuance
I had done some thinking about my earlier post about Trent University's slogan, and realized that I was wrong about my writeup about it. I had said that it wasn't true that the world belonged to those who understood it, but in fact, I have come to realize it does. I think those people who are running the world understand it the best, they understand how money runs everything, power is money, and they know how to keep power.

This is not good. It's such a gradual path to get to where we are now, no one step seems to be evil, but here we are, and I don't like where we're headed.


Alien World

Martian Landscape
Appologies for the bit of down time, it was not for the lack of things to say. I am bombarded daily with things I want to talk about, from eating to politics, my opinion will be heard.

For those not in the know, I have moved to PEI. After a busy christmas season with friends, family, and loved ones, I packed up all my belongings and treked east, with the huge help of my girlfriend, father, and brother. The move went smoothly and now I sit at my new job, Random Computer Guy for UPEI typing this post. I will start work soon, log into my 20 year old terminal program, and try to teach myself how things were done.

I hope everyones holiday was enjoyable, and that the new year brings happiness. I am sorry to all those I didn't get to see and say goodbye to before I left, I know there are lots of you, and I feel bad I wasn't able to say goodbye personally to each.