Chateau From a Different Angle

Chateau From a Different Angle
Ok, I've been behind on updating this page. Hopefully what I'm going to do, is start posting more pictures here, and less words. Maybe that will be incentive to post more often as I have to write less. We'll see.

Bj and I's roadtrip was excellent. We took a week off in February, rented a car (Thanks National for being the only rental company we could find with unlimited kilometers!), and drove down to visit our friend Ali in Fredericton. While there and on the way there and back, we visited Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton, Charlottetown, and St. John.

For the most part the weather was great. We had a blast, spent too much, drank too much, and ate too much. It was just what I needed for a vacation.

I'll stop there, and continue soon with Amy and Mike's wedding and climbing competitions in Ottawa and Montreal.