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Fundy Evening
Unfortunately, today I don't have a music video, or even a song. I promise the next post will have one of those. This time I want to share a video, part of a great series that I'm working my way through, and one I think everyone should watch. It's a great set of tools and information on Global Warming, and I know a lot of people are sick of hearing about it, but it's worth taking some time out to hear a bit more. The vidoes are well thought out, and I found them entertaining as well. Here is a good intro video, I hope everyone finds it as informative and interesting as I do.


Orange Time

Orange Time
A quick post today, and instead of just a song, I also have a video.

It is that time of year, the summer is over, now we have a wait until winter. Though the fall days are nice, crisp cool air, it always saddens me when summer is over. I always feel like I've let it get by without taking full advantage, and perhaps even more so this year. Now that I have a new bike, I've been getting out more though.

Still, here in PEI, the summer didn't really start until June, and it seemed to be pretty much over in late August, though we got a few weeks recently of low 20's daytime temperature. I biked as much as I could!

This weekend the gf and I are off to New Brunswick to hopefully get some biking and hiking done in Fundy National Park. We're staying at a B&B that my parents stayed at, and it should be an enjoyable weekend away.

Now, on to the tunes. This video is by one of my favorite bands, and it's my favorite song of theirs. They have a new album due hopefully early next year, and I also hope that they can tour out this way at some point. I'd love to see them. This is Wolf Parade, and their song I'll Believe in Anything.