Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon
So tonight is the Lunar Eclipse, but it looks like us out east are going to miss it. It starts around 6:55 for us, which is when the sun is just rising, so not only will it be light out, but the moon will also probably have set. Ah well, I've done some looking and the next eclipse that I'll be able to see is February 21. It will probably be chilly, but I'll try to get a picture then. :)

This was taken last night at Brackley Beach, PEI. The moon had just risen above the dunes and was quite a sight.


New Music Friday!

"Why Hello There"
For this week's musical selection, I am picking something a bit different. Have a listen to The Choir Practice's Red Fox. I don't know much about them, aside from the fact that they are a mixed group from out west. Enjoy!


New Music Thursday!

CBC Radio 3 has done something that makes me very happy. They now allow me to embed the R3 player in my page. I can also pick a song to have queue'd up, or a playlist. One of these days I'll add my playlist to the side, so if anyone wants to have a listen to what I'm finding interesting, it'll be there.

For now, I will post a single artist and song. If this works out, I will try to make this a weekly post. I hope you enjoy!

For this week, I want you to have a listen to someone who will be in PEI next month. He hails from Windsor, ON, and has a catchy twang I can't get out of my head. This is Ron Leary, and his song The Road In Between. (hit the play button to listen)

I can't wait to see him in September.


Grey Day

Grey Day
I'm going to attempt to write more in here again, my life is far from uninteresting, so some people may actually be interested in hearing about it.

Well, anytime you lose a pet it's a grey day. Trogdor was hit by a car and killed last night. Nothing much to add to that but how much it sucks. :(

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