ah PEI

Working Village
For the third time this year, I found myself in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

As always, it was a fun trip. We did a roadtrip day Saturday which was a bit crazy. We got up way too early, and tried to do too much, ending up tiring ourselves and having to crash too early. We have a better plan for next time, stay tuned!

The picture is from Peggy's Cove, NS, which I always enjoy visiting. It's such a picturesque little village. I find most people focus on the lighthouse and rocks though, and less on the town in behind. I don't know, for me, it's the town that is the neatest thing about Peggy's Cove. Well, I took a number of pictures, I'd like to go back another time when the weather is better (though I'm sure that'd mean more tourists...) and get some more pictures.

My most recent PEI trip set is here. Enjoy


Slacking in Fall

Orange Leaves
Ah yes, I'm such a slacker. Or is it that nothing has really been going on? Some of both I'm sure.

This weekend I'm off to Body Worlds in Toronto, then driving to Montreal for a climbing competition Sunday. The first of the season. I'm climbing at least as strong as I was at my best last season, so I'm thinking I'll do better. Timelines are going to be tight this weekend though, Body Worlds at 1, probably leave there at 3 or 4, then drive to Montreal check into the hostel (same one as Bj and I stayed at on our NB Roadtrip). The competition is at noon Sunday, so I should be leaving it at around 4 or 5. It's going to be a tiring long drive home that night.

Next weekend I'm off to visit Ines in PEI again, I'm quite excited about it. :) We're taking the Wood Island Ferry into Nova Scotia on the Saturday, and driving around there a bit. I will have pictures of course.