Can I Kick it?

Green Buds
Ok, weekend plans:

- Critical Mass Bikeride starting from Hess Village tomorrow evening (5:30 for anyone else interested in joining us).

- Drinking at Hess afterwards and crashing downtown. Shall be good times, anyone interested in coming for that is welcome as well.

- Planting Trees with some Hamilton City councillors Saturday morning. The weather forcast is calling for rain, which in my opinion, is perfect for planting trees. Maybe it's from past experiences planting trees, but it just isn't right unless it's raining on you while you do it.

I think I'll leave Sunday open as a free day.


pics from the Paris to Ancaster Race

Quick link with pictures of me from the Paris to Ancaster Race:


And Wes and Maygan

Sorry for no picture, but I'm linking to pictures, so that's gotta count for something.

Also, what kind of crappy business model does this place that took the pictures have, when they charge $20 for a jpeg image of a picture, or $24 for a 5x7 print? I know I can't afford those, and I'm guessing that not a lot of other people could either. I bet they get a low number of people ordering prints because of their high prices.

Another Week...

Go West
Good thing it's supposed to be rainy this weekend, as my bike is in the shop. Though I'm going to see if I can get the road bike going tomorrow in case Wes and I decide to do a ride in the rain on Sunday.

Lets see, any other weekend plans... nope, not yet. Anyone up to anything?


Twisted Derailer

Twisted Derailer
The Paris to Ancaster race was yesterday. It was a lot of fun, great course, great weather, and everyone was nice. The race was a 60 km mixed road and trail ride, so it was everything from pavement to unbelievable amounts of mud.

Around 58 km in going through some muddy areas something happened to my derailer that caused it to explode, and bend in on itself and into my spokes and gears (see picture). I walked the last 2 km after bending the derailer out of the spokes. Wes and Maygan were waiting for me at the finish line, and Wes ended up pushing me across, which should be in some photos somewhere online. I'll have a look for them.

All in all a good race, though my time wasn't great, and wouldn't have been great even if I didn't blow the derailer. I need to get in better biking shape.


Biking to Work

Biking to Work
Now this is the weather I'm talking about.

I'm biking to work more and more now, as well, last weekend some friends and I biked 50 km. We were outside from about 10 to 5 that day and ended up with pretty bad sunburns. On the plus side I'm starting on my farmers/bikers tan early this year!

This weekend Wes, Maygan and I are biking a 60 km race from Paris to Ancaster. I can't wait, it's going to be lots of fun.

I hope everyone is enjoying the great weather.


Grandmothers Rose

Grandmothers Rose
Wow, I see that posting fewer words and more pictures sure is helping the frequency of posts here... *cough*


Anyway, I need better incentive or something at updating...