Can I Kick it?

Green Buds
Ok, weekend plans:

- Critical Mass Bikeride starting from Hess Village tomorrow evening (5:30 for anyone else interested in joining us).

- Drinking at Hess afterwards and crashing downtown. Shall be good times, anyone interested in coming for that is welcome as well.

- Planting Trees with some Hamilton City councillors Saturday morning. The weather forcast is calling for rain, which in my opinion, is perfect for planting trees. Maybe it's from past experiences planting trees, but it just isn't right unless it's raining on you while you do it.

I think I'll leave Sunday open as a free day.


Bradtholomew said...

Yay tree planting! I planted about 2400 trees yesterday :)

martin said...

I'll be happy with about 12.

Wse said...

Hmmmm.... depeding on how much drinking gets done tonight, I'll abstain from estimating how many trees I plant. I'm betting that the relationship to each other is inverse.

Bradtholomew said...

Good call Wse.