Grow Little Pine Tree

Grow Little Pine Tree
Wes, Maygan, some of Maygans friends, and I planted trees on the weekend with Hamilton city Councillor Dave Braden

I guess there were about 30 people planting at the first site, and probably about 15 made it to the second site.

In all Dave told us we planted 2000 trees. On my flickr account I noted on a google map where we planted. It's neat, you can see some of the trees from the Linc as you're just passing Upper Gage headed towards Stoney Creek.

We did go and drink Friday night, and crashed at Wes' place. It was rough getting up at 6, but we made it, and were only slightly late for the planting (due to some lack of knowledge of where certain people lived and where the tree planting was... not laying any blame on anyone who had planned it... *cough* Maygan *cough* ;) )

Oh and Brad, if you're wondering, I figured I'd planted about 1900 trees, then Wes figured he'd done about 1950... so one of us may have been incorrect. But not both I'm sure.


Wes said...

The important thing to note is that if you've planted 'X' trees, then I usually get about 'X+50' done in the same time.... as a general rule.

martin said...

yeah well, maybe I'll just head up there and pull up all your X+50 trees, then we'll see who has more... it will be me!

Bradtholomew said...

I win :)

Bradtholomew said...


Anonymous said...

update your blog!!!!!!!!