Long Nights

Charlottetown Architecture & Moon
Been too long since I've put anything here. I really need to start thinking more about just quick posts perhaps, with some music I'm listening to, or shows I've seen.

Over the last month I've seen (and sometimes photographed) Cadence Weapon, Matthew Barber with The Spades, Stars, Hey Rosetta!, Raccoon Bandit, The Lodge, Pat Deighan and the Orb Weavers, the Love Junkies, Tom Fun Orchestra, and Carmen Townsend, to name a few.

Tonight I'm seeing and photographing Sam Roberts, which should be a lot of fun!

I can't stop listening to the new single from Shout Out Out Out Out, In the End It's Your Friends.

I shot this picture with my new 30mm f1.4 lens by Sigma. I've been pretty happy with it, tonight will be the first real test of it's purpose, shooting bands.