Happy New Year!

Schrody Yawning
2004 comes to a close, and I for one will not miss it. 2005 will hopefully prove to be a much more exciting year. There's only one person who can ensure that happens though, and he happens to be lazy. I'll have to kick his ass into doing stuff.



Snow on my car
Took a snowday yesterday, as I couldn't get my car out of the parking lot there. That's the first time since I've been driving that I can remember, not being able to drive because of the weather. It's not like the roads were that bad, it's just that there was a big snowdrift blocking my car in.

That was an interesting night all around actually. At about 4:30 our fire alarm started going off, and wouldn't stop. The fire department got dispatched and it took Keith a long time of trying to get through to the alarm people to figure out how to disable our system. The firefighters were nice. I feel bad for them, having to trudge through the snow (because they had trouble finding our place) in the blowing snow/ice pellets that were happening at the time. What a night!

I hope everyone has a merry christmas and so forth.



A picture of the moon, taken from work last week. Only one person asked what I was doing when I was taking pictures up out the window with my big telephoto. People must be getting used to my eccentricities.

What a weekend. Friday night was our works christmas party, where I may have drank a bit too much. Saturday a highschool friend came and visited a bit, it's always great to see her. Saturday night a bunch of us went out for dinner for a friend's birthday. Service was slow, but the food was good. After that I went to the Gravity christmas party (gravity is the gym I climb at) and mingled with just about everyone from there.

After that nummish and I went out to try to get into Emma's back porch in Burlington. We waited almost an hour in the cold rain before giving up and hitting up the Dickens and the Poacher. We ran into friends of his at both places, and it was good times.

Today my brother and I did some christmas shopping. I'm almost done now, only a couple more people left.


Cat in Tube

Cat in Tube
This is the first day Trogdor was home, sleeping in a tube.

Last night was our work Christmas party at boston pizza. It was a lot of fun, all you can eat pizza and wings, and we ran up a pretty good bar tab. I drank too much, and I'm up way too early today. Trogdor is half the reason for that.


James N Allen Skyway Bridge

James N Allen Skyway Bridge
James N Allen Skyway Bridge
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First attempt to get the traffic on the bridge at night. I think next time I need a longer exposure.

I'm going to be playing with the layout and things for the next bunch of posts, trying to get the posting from flickr how I like it and the css for the blog itself satisfactory.

Climbing was good tonight, I didn't do anything to hard or spectacular. I need to go easy on my right index finger, it is starting to feel like there could be a problem. No point chancing hurting it and being out for 6 months.

I didn't make it christmas shopping. Looks like it'll be all Saturday then.

red sunset

red sunset
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We've been having some very nice sunsets here in the S.C. recently. This one is from this evening.

I also find it depressing to see other peoples sunset pictures on Flickr and they are timestamped at something like 18:00, and here I am with a nice red sunset from 16:56... :) I guess it would be worse if I was even further north though.


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Downtown Toronto from Stoney Creek Mountain (about 55 kilometres). This was what I saw driving into work one morning, and had to pull over to get some pictures.

I like this because it gives you a feeling of scale, as you can see some stuff in Stoney Creek in the foreground, and the full lake in between here and there.

Well, headed out christmas shopping and climbing. It is that time of year...


TTC Streetcar at Night

I walked up from the Eaton Centre on Saturday to visit some friends and go to a birthday party (Lemma). On the way I took some time lapse pictures on University Ave. This one turned out particularly well I think.