What a weekend

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I smartly did nothing Friday night, in anticipation for a busy strenuous weekend.

Saturday I drove to Vaughn (North of Toronto) for the next tour de bloc bouldering competition at The Pad. It was a very nice gym for bouldering, with 3 large freestanding structures to boulder on. The comp was a lot of fun, I'm not sure how I placed yet.

Getting there was interesting. The snowstorm was in full effect and driving was quite hazardous. Getting home was even more interesting, because added to the blowing driving snow, it had accumulated quite a lot since the morning. I made it all the way to Stoney Creek (in about 2 hours) only to get stuck turning on to our block. 20 minutes of digging got me going again, only to get stuck once more pulling into our developement. Luckily there were a couple nice guys that saw me this time and came over with shovels and helped dig and push me out enough to get my car off to the side of the road until the plow came by later and cleared the road enough to allow me to move my car to my parking spot.

Sunday Wes, Maygan and I went cross country skiing at Hilton Falls conservation area. I had to rent skis (and the boots ended up giving me massive blisters on my heels). The rental skis were crap, they were the non waxed kind, they had scales of some kind on them, and they were slow as hell. I'm definitely getting my dad to bring me some up next weekend. Anyway, the skiing was a lot of fun, the day was beautiful, I got lots of cool pictures (which I'll be posting more of on flickr as I process them). After skiing, we went back to Maygan's place and made dinner. I forget what we made, but it was some kind of indian food, and it was fantastic. We finished the day off by watching Napoleon Dynamite. A great movie.

Today I'm unbelievably sore, but still plan on climbing tonight.

An excellent weekend.


Snowy Drive into Work

Snowy Drive into Work
Let's see, what has been going on lately.

I turned 26 last weekend, and did not get to party it up. I was however sick all weekend, which is almost as much fun.

Amanda came down on sunday and brought me a cake, that was nice.

Keith and I are going to a bouldering competition this weekend. I'm going to be entering in the middle category this time instead of beginner like I did last time. It shall prove to be an ass whopping of monumental proportion. It is all in good fun though, and I enjoy the competitions a lot.


Neuter Day

Trogdor is Content
Today is the Day Trogdor and Schrodinger lose their manhood. I feel sad for them, but better that than them marking territory all over the house.

Have I mentioned that Flickr is the greatest photo site ever? I encourage anyone who takes photos and is reading this to get a free account there, and post lots of pictures.

Do it! Do it!