Neuter Day

Trogdor is Content
Today is the Day Trogdor and Schrodinger lose their manhood. I feel sad for them, but better that than them marking territory all over the house.

Have I mentioned that Flickr is the greatest photo site ever? I encourage anyone who takes photos and is reading this to get a free account there, and post lots of pictures.

Do it! Do it!

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ShadyCraig said...

Hi Martin,

would like to post more phots on my blog Shady Goings On but it's too much like hard work and it uses up my hosting bandwidth fast!
Is filckr easy to use? Do you use the free account or pay the extras?
I'd be grateful for your opinion.

BTW I found you blog by searching for climbing terms as I'm also into climbing and bouldering. I think you're a few grades better than I am especially as I've not been out for a while. Do you ever go ice climbing?

Take it easy,
Shady Goings On