Big Weekends

Plane by the Steeple
A big few weeks coming up.

Today I'm going to see my grandfather in Owen Sound, it's been way too long since I've been there to see him. Tomorrow we have our annual family reunion. Sunday I'm not sure what my plans are. I'm thinking of maybe heading over to Sauble Beach for some swimming.

Next weekend I'm using my remaining vacation days and taking a 4 day weekend to head down to PEI to visit a friend who just moved out there. I'm hoping the weather will be somewhat better than last time:
(check out the full size picture to see the ice pellets travelling sideways!)

Just kidding, I know it's really nice there now. We're hoping to get to the National Park, and to the Wind Generators (which should make for some fantastic pictures!).

The following weekend I'm letting the sun darken up my neck some, and heading to Michigan with Wes to see my first Nascar race. From what he says it's going to be great!

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