Weekend Photos

Sailing b&w
Alright, Owen Sound pictures are up! This is the first and second pass through them, so at some point there could be some more added.

Leaving for PEI in less than 2 days! Gotta remember to charge the camera, bring cd's to backup on every night, and have lots of fun. Shouldn't be hard.

There are some pictures of the parts for wind generators that they're putting up on the Bruce Peninsula in the latest set. I'm so impressed that we're finally getting them here. Ines tells me there are more in PEI, so we'll be going to check them out at some point. I think it's extremely important that Canada invests heavily in alternative power production. That is all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin, what's your email address. I have some pics of the weekend to send you - Bob

Kate said...

Hey Martin, I knew one day I'd find something interesting by googling Cathrae! It was great to see your photos of the weekend. Wish I could have been there but, I'm in Ireland instead, poor me, haha. --your cousin Kate

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