Golden Rule

Selfish People
The Golden Rule is perhaps the simplest, easy to follow, and most beneficial rule we have. However, for whatever reason, most people do not follow it (selfish jerks!). This is especially true when driving in rush hour, as I've had the chance to observe over the last 7 months or so. Although I'm leaving the rush and traffic behind, I think everyone would benefit from reading through a list that Dumb Little Man has compiled, with some good ideas as to how the Golden Rule applies to driving.

The Golden Rule and Driving

Have a look, tell your friends, if everyone were to follow these rules commuting would be a joy, not the worst thing ever.

2006-11-29 09:40 EDIT: Keith adds a great addendum to tailgating: "If the guy behind you is tailgating you, and there's no one in the front, see "honour the left lane""

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