Woah, sorry for the pictureless post, but apparently you might not want to listen to, or hang out with me anymore:

How evil are you?

Find out if we can still hang out here


Ali said...

Apparently I am only twisted. I guess I have not been completely corrupted quite yet. :)

I have to say... I like how Canada is considered to be a European country. I guess my geography isn't what it used to be.

Jim said...

Yeah but, but I was, I guess I'm not. Bah.

Laura Coubrough said...

This is hilarious Marty!
BTW, I love the pics you have of yourself on your profile. You take an excellent self portrait.

martin said...

sorry Ali, I guess you have a ways to go... ;)

I really expected you to break the page Jim, I'm dissapointed you and your evilness didn't step up.

Thanks Laura!