Great Article

Losing the Sun
I found a link to a great article by Natalie Angier at RichardDawkins.net. Read it, digest it. She speaks a lot of truth.

This picture was taken on my flight back from Saskatoon where I was visiting my girlfriend. The trip was a lot of fun, winter sure comes early there though. :) Check out my set of pictures if you're interested in seeing more.


Ali said...

Very interesting article. It really points out how religion is entering areas that it really has nothing to do with. It is a personal choice, and in my opinion has no place in politics. As for scientists and religion, I think that there is a balance there. It is like doctors who are religious. They know so much about treating diseases, and can do so much, but sometimes you do have to leave things up to "fate". There is that unknown out there that you have to wonder. Science can't always explain everything. Sometimes "miracles" do happen...

k said...

Just b/c you can't explain something with
science 'right now' doesn't mean it's a
miracle. As the field of science advances,
there will be no need to attribute things
we simply don't understand to god or miracles.