That time of year again

That time of year again
We leave Saturday morning for the Second Annual Canoe Trip. I'm super excited about this years trip. We've lost one person (my brother), and gained two people (Wes and John) so this year we have an even number of people coming. As the stupid chef guy from the Lillydale commercials would say "You caught me working; banquet for 50, it's going to be great!". Ok, maybe that wasn't the most relevant quote.

This picture was from last years trip, I'll have lots more from this year.

Also we're still waiting on pictures from the end of the Mud Run that Wes, Maygan, and I did last Saturday, I'll post them and a summary when they're up.


Bradtholomew said...

Well, you didn't really lose me. I know exactly where I am!

martin said...

I don't have a clue where you are. So I'd say you were lost.

Wes said...

The six of us were the winners on the camping trip, but Lilydale was the real hit!