I'm no Seinfeld

Friday Evening:

6:00: Wes's place. Drank a beer.

6:30: Another beer, and some chips.

6:45: Dinner, consisting of 2 double beef paddy burgers. I felt crosseyed from too much beef.

7:15: Walked down to register for the Race registration.

8:00: Back at Wes'. Decided not to have another beer, as we have to run a 5km race later in the evening.

8:45: Head back down to Hess for the race. Start planning where we are going to find someone to hold a platter of beer for us.

8:58: See a group of people congregated down George street, decide to see what they're up to, as the race doesn't start for another 45 minutes.

8:59: Apparently the race starts at 9, giving us one minute to stretch, and no time to find people to hold beer for us.

Lap 1: Wes and I run together, it is a fairly well paced lap, the uphill back towards Queen wasn't too bad. At the end of the lap, Wes called down a server gave her some cash, and ordered us a pitcher of beer. We found a coupld of cute girls to keep the beer with them and refil the glasses as we ran (Much to the disgust of their boyfriends).

Lap 2: Another well paced lap. The uphill section was getting harder, both of us were feeling heavy, probably due to the beef and beers earlier. Our beers and girls were waiting for us back just before the start finish line. They had poured what seemed to me like a lot of beer. No problem though, we had already missed out on a lap of drinking because we had to buy the beer. The beer did not go down well. It's hard to drink carbonated beverages when you are out of breath. I was a bit slower than Wes, but I got my beer down.

Lap 3: It's also hard to burp while you're running and out of breath, the gas buildup in my stomach was not an enjoyable feeling. This lap was significantly slower than the previous one. We kept running however, and sludged our way up the uphill section. Back for more beer at the end of the lap. It looked like we were drinking full pints, but they were probably 3/4. I am not one for drinking beer fast, and Wes had to help me out a bit near the end of my glass.

Lap 4: We were both feeling very slow this lap. We had to stop and walk a couple times. Things were mixing in my stomach that were never meant to be together. Some bikers (choppers, not mountain) told us that one of their "ladies" was single, Wes almost went back for some biker action. They laughed. I think we may have rolled up the uphill section. I had gone from thinking that our drinking run was a fantastic idea, to the worst idea ever! Drinking the bigger pints in the previous laps meant that thier was not much beer left at the end of this lap. I had serious trouble drinking my beer, Wes helped me out again. A bouncer from the bar came over to let us know that we can't drink beer from the bar outside of the gates. Luckily we only had a bit to finish before taking off again. Wes described me as having a very bad look on my face as I choked down my last little bit.

Lap 5: Very shortly into this lap I had the feeling that the events taking place in my stomach were about to take place outside. I found myself a fairly discrete corner and let'er fly. It was pretty gross. However, I felt much better, and the rest of the lap for me wasn't too bad. even the uphill section. Wes, who keep in mind had more beer in him than me, had some issues so we slowed the pace down.

Finish: Not a spectacular time, 33:55 for Wes, and 33:56 for me (damnit!). We have some ideas of how to make the run better next year, and are also looking for more people to join us. Keep it in mind for next June!

10:00: We changed and stayed in hess, having a few more drinks before heading home for the night.

All in all I would have to say, a fun experience. Now I know that I can't really drink and run very well.

Saturday night was Ty and Laura's wedding. What a fun time that was, it was really great to hang out with people I don't see nearly enough. The open bar ended up being trouble, the live band was great (such a great idea, even though they didn't know any Rage Against the Machine or AC/DC). The food was great, second best steak of my life, nice and rare. After the wedding Cam, Randy, and myself went to The Still (in Kitchener). That was pretty funny, highlighted by a german guy kind of hump dancing with a table? (from what I remember). I drank way too much, and yesterday was pretty much a disaster. I had to get Cam to pull over 4 times on the way home.

Yeah, so like my brother, I'm going to be taking a bit of a break from drinking, probably just a couple weeks. I hope everyone elses weekend was fun!


Bradtholomew said...

Haha, excellent account. Glad to see someone back home is keeping the family name associated with "dumbass" :)

Wes said...

Yes. This event rocked. I say we need at least a dozen next year, and *real* racing. That'll get me puking for sure -- as I have little knowledge of how to pace myself... running or drinking. Next year's goal(s) -- 30:00, and at least one scary biker lady picked up.

The trophy: An old running shoe, with a tall-boy can sticking out the top, and a pair of cool wings stitched to the sides of the running shoe.... all sprayed in gold paint.

randy said...

haha nice work on convincing those girls to watch your beers!

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