Event: Mudrun, a 10km race with mud related obstacles
Date: Saturday June 11th.
Location: Toronto, near woodbine.
People: Wes, Maygan, and myself.
Sleep: Not nearly enough.
Temperature: Bloody Hot.
River Crossings: 2, which most people waded through, we swam and had mud fights and beached ourselves on the muddy shore.
Mud Pits: 1, which we dove into, rolled around in, pulled each other through, and had lots of fun in.
Water: the substance which completely refreshes Maygan for about 12 seconds.
Showers: 3 hoses (noses?) that apparently had ice cold glacier water coarsing through them.
Fun: had by all.

Pre Run Picture

Post Run Picture

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Bradtholomew said...

Geez, get some new shoes!