Late Summer

Farmy Sights
I'm counting this as late summer, even though the weather is indicating otherwise. I miss the long late summer we get in Ontario.

CBC Radio 3 has done something cool. Starting late last week they started broadcasting live to the web. I think this is going to be seen as somewhat groundbreaking. I know a lot of stations simultaneously broadcast terrestrially and on the web, but radio 3 is doing it just for the web. Also, no commercials! :D Nothing but great commentary, and tons of great Canadian music.

Back I go to Amanda Putz, Tariq Hussain, Craig Norris, and up in a couple hours, Grant Lawrence. After that it's Lisa Christiansen, then Lauren Burrows. All of my favorites! :)

Before I go I'll leave another track to listen to. This is The Russian Futurists, described as space pop. It's a one man band, from Toronto, and unfortunately Matthew Hart won't be out east further than Montreal anytime in the listed tour dates. But here is his song, Let's Get Ready to Crumble.

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