Eagles and Music

Bad Day for Squiddie
I was obviously very happy to have captured an eagle pulling a squid out of Rustico Harbour. I don't think I need to say much more about this. It's motivating and depressing how much sometimes photography is being at the right place and right time, ready to take a picture. It's motivating because you don't always need to be a pro with the best gear and experience to get a great picture (in no way am I implying this is a great picture btw). It's depressing because you can put lots of time and money into this, and not have the chance to get something truly spectacular.

I've been pretty fortunate (insomuch as I believe in fortune, ie not at all) to have seen and captured some pretty cool things. The snowy owl, the whale, and the eagle. I guess a lot of it is just getting out there and shooting. Which is enjoyable, and half of the fun.

Music for this week is an artist I would love to see, in fact, I hope he'll be at the Halifax Pop Explosion in October. Enjoy this fun song by Buck 65:

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