ah racism

Randy found this link on a livejournal site.

Anyway, I wouldn't normally comment on US race relations, though who knows, maybe I should, but one interesting thing to me is that it's posted on yahoo. Yahoo bought flickr recently, and I was not impressed. Something about big companies (american) buying out little companies (canadian) and potentially decimating them. Ha ha, though if it had been Google who had bought them, in all my fanboyism, I would have been thrilled! Though in truth, Yahoo's aquisition of Flickr has had no ill effects that I can see, in fact, they were able to buy more servers and keep up with the ever increasing demand of more and more users. The site was getting pretty slow there for a while just before they moved to California. I can't imagine how many terabytes of pictures they have on there now. At least 12.

Oh let's see, a picture just for fun.

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Sarah said...

Sex spelled out in orange is hot! :)

I also like fanboyism. It's my new favourite word.