The Rough Life

The Rough Life
The picture is the view off a co-workers dock in Grand Island, NY. This place was like Cottage country here in Ontario. Except they're living this life all the time, this was a co-workers house! It was fantastic to spend a weekend there, at our company weekend party.

Friday night 4 of us went down, got hassled at the border, and ended up partying with mostly NY folk. Very good times. I was even drinking Bud(!) by the end of the night. I've got some pictures of us drinking around the fire, and some other night shots.

Saturday morning was a bit rough, but I figured a quick trip to Timmy's (I was impressed they actually have them!) would be the cure. The guy serving us was named something like Booya, and he was a moron. I can understand maybe they don't know the standard terms that we have here, I ordered a large regular. Had to explain what that was a couple times, ended up with an XL regular. whatever. But when dave had to direct him to the muffins and point out the one he'd already asked 3 times for, that's just stupid. Anyway, the coffee did help, and by lunch, we were drinking again.

The rest of the company made it up for Saturday afernoon. We all got boat rides in various boats. The one I went on was a bigger boat, and we went to within sight of the spray from Niagara Falls. I went swimming off the side of the boat there, the current was crazy! I'd dive off, end up a few metres out, then within seconds, I was being swept past the boat. Spent some more time swimming when we got back, and had some dinner.

After dinner most company people left, but there were a bunch of us left. We spent time doing stupid human tricks with Danny and Randi, some kids of one of our employees, I couldn't believe how flexible they were. Stupid human tricks inevitably leads to armwrestling, where I beat Danny righthanded, then in an epic left handed battle, lasting many minutes, beat him left as well. Feeling invincible, I took on Randi (she's 12) left handed, and suffered a monumental defeat! Oh the bruised ego! Next up was their father Phil, who beat me right handed so fast, that I think he actually sprained my wrist. It still hurts today.

Around midnight Derek, one of the hosts of the party, took the remaining few of us left to Turners, a bar where you can boat up, dock, and head in to drink. It was also good times, though not as busy as we were hoping it would be.

Sunday morning came, and I know I didn't want to pack up and head home. We got some more swimming in, Brendan, our main host, served us some breakfast, then we packed up and headed for Canada. No hassles at the border this time. A quick swim at a co-workers house, another beer, then I was done. When I got home I napped for a couple hours.

Awesome weekend!


j said...

are you drunk right now?

martin said...

should I be?

Bradtholomew said...

Yes. Do you have to ask?

martin said...

no, I don't.

Sarah said...

Martin...too bad I didn't hook it up with the long haired junkie at Turner's, no? That would have been a time for sure. yay for grand island!

martin said...

oh yeah, he was Hotness! I swear it was him with the viper though... you're missing out! ;)