Time Temperature?

Shaping up to be another hot week. I wish I had a porch so I could sit out on it, play some banjo, drink some beers, talk with the neighbors as they pass, and complain about the heat.

From what I saw in Forest Gump, Alabama looks like a cool place to live.

I shouldn't complain about the heat. I love this so much more than winter, there is so much to do outside comparatively.

Thinking about it, the summer is already half over. Crap.


Wes said...

Don't you be slanderin' that there banjer... some of us folk play that thang.

P.S. it's so hot that the drywall is melting above your thermostat. Cool. -- I mean, hot.

randy said...

definitely rather it'd be too hot than too cold. winter sucks. why do i live in canada.

Sarah said...

summer half over? what a depressing thought.

martin said...

hmmm, how about: it's only half begun!

Randy, we as canadians, need to get our own province in the bahama's or something. I'll get started on that!

Bradtholomew said...

Summer? Winter's half over right now. Sheesh.

Sarah said...

eggcellent positive spin Martin! Winter is never coming again. Yes, I am moving to a warm happy place called De Nial.

martin said...

let me know if it's nice, I might join you!