Ghost Guinness

Ghost Guinness
Just a quick post about some bands we've seen over the past week.

Last Thursday night Matthew Barber played at Baba's. I wish I'd payed more attention to the 3 different guys who opened, but I didn't. They all played enjoyable acoustic sets. Matthew Barber was very good. Especially considering the loud thin crowd. He is a great songwriter, and man, can he play guitar. He's very inspirational for me in my learning. Definitely something to shoot for.

Last night I was out to see Hey Rosetta! and Woodhands. Two very different, but excellent bands. I first saw Hey Rosetta! at the ECMA's in Fredericton, and though they were good, I really found the sound to be terrible there. Last night they sounded a whole lot better, and it was a whole lot more intimate.

I've never seen Woodhands before, but had heard good things about them on radio3, as well as enjoyed their music there. It all lived up to the live show, which was so full of energy, and great music. I'm convinced Dan Werb (keytar/singer/keyboards) is a twin of my friend Cam. Woodhands is the kind of band that I think Cam and I could have done. Maybe someday. Until then, I really enjoyed their show, and would love to see them again.

Here is their song Dancer, which rocked live:

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