Post Show Wrapup Post:

My friends and I saw Immaculate Machine play twice here in Charlottetown on Saturday. They first played in the small back room of Back Alley Music. I took my camera to that show, expecting it to be less crowded, and for me to be able to get a good vantage point. I was not disappointed.

Boxer The Horse opened the show, and I hadn't heard of them ahead of time. They put on a pretty rockin' show, and I enjoyed it. It also gave me a chance to be up front and take pictures and check camera settings. The keyboardist had a PBF shirt! I couldn't place it at the time, but I knew I'd seen it around somewhere before.

Immaculate Machine was up next, and they very much rocked. It was such a small room, and a lot of people in the crowd didn't know them, so I think they suitably impressed all. I was up front the whole time, snapping away, and enjoying the hell out of them. I posted a lot of pictures to flickr.

After their set I talked with Brooke (guitarist/singer) for a while about his experience in Dawson City, doing an artist in residence kind of thing. It sounds like a great place, I'd love to head up there for the Dawson City Music Festival some year.

After some chilling time at home, we headed back out to Baba's. We were there a bit late for Drea Macdonald, who was just wrapping up. Next up was Smothered in Hugs, a kickass local band. They put on a rocking good set. Even though it was even darker at Baba's, I wish I'd brought my camera, because I missed out on getting some pics of these guys.

Immaculate Machine played another great set next, and had the crowd moving (and one guy seemingly convulsing). After the show Shannon and I stuck around and chatted with Kathryn and Brooke, and I picked up their 7" single, even though I don't have a record player!

It was an awesome night, and we made it home safe and sound, which was initially in some doubt when we were almost attacked by a loose pitbull on the walk home. :/

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day on the couch. :)

I can't leave you with my favorite IM song (C'Mon Sea Legs, it's not on Radio 3), so I'll leave you with another favorite:

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boxer the horse said...

was snooping around and came across the picture of us you took at the immaculate machine show on flickr. great picture, and thanks for the kind words. its a bummer that there was some sound problems, but if you wanna hear the songs recorded you can check out www.myspace.com/boxerthehorse . let us know what you think. see you around.