Charlottetown again
Ok, the recent terrorist plot foiled in England. Very good job by them, it would have been a disaster if they group involved had been able to carry out their plan. Though, realistically, they're going to get away with something someday, and we won't see it coming. What can we do to prevent it? I'm honestly not sure, perhaps live a bit more tolerantly with each other, maybe there's a reason people out there hate the US so much (and it has nothing to do with being jealous of their freedom).

One thing I'm insulted and angry about however is the ban on liquids for your carry ons. Well, they were going to use explosives disguised as liquids to blow up the planes, that's a new and very unique method isn't it? Bzzzzzzt! Wrong! An explosive device disguised as contact lens solution was detonated on a Philippine Airlines 747 on December 11, 1994! That is almost 16 years ago, and just now they're telling me I can't bring a bottle of iced tea on the plane. I find it extremely insulting, and deplorable on the airline industry's part. I'm flying next week, and I'm going to be pissed if this restriction is still in place. They should have either banned liquids in 1994, or figured out a way to screen for liquid explosives.

Look, it's going to happen again, we can't guard against every threat ever conceived of, but when a proven threat hasn't been guarded against, and they have to back peddle to pretend to care, and restrict our freedoms, I get upset. I have no problems with them dealing with potential threats, but this half measure they've implemented isn't going to cut it. What's next, no liquids on trains, buses, public buildings, schools? How many different ways can someone sneak an explosive around? Should we ban ever carrying anything?

Let's have a look at the root problem here, patching the bugs as they come up is a half measure at best. It'll keep things running, but the whole system is still broken.

The information on the 1994 incident is available on wikipedia, I first saw this on a show on the discovery channel.

Edit: by the way, I just put a picture of one of the Westjet flights up there, but I in no way blame or hold Westjet responsible for anything that's going on, I'm not really sure who is responsible actually. Anyway, I love Westjet, I'm flying Westjet next week to PEI(yay!), they have always been the friendliest, funniest, courtious airline I've ever flown with. Book your flight today*.

* I am not affiliated with Westjet. ;)

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Jen said...

I have to agree with you. Band-aid solutions are costing everyone too much. Not just financially either.