Oh, I shouldn't neglect thee.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I keep saying I'm going to keep up with blogging better, but it tends to fall through. I make no promises, but again, I will try.

What has happened in the last year since I posted? In fact it's been the most that's happened to me in many years. Shortly after I last posted I asked my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes:
 We (she) decided we had no reason to wait around so the wedding was planned and went off without a hitch in Woodstock, NB in August.

Meanwhile Krista was still finishing up her internship as a dietitian until November. One of the places she interned at was the Community Health Centre in Merrickville, ON. I have been debating moving back to Ontario for a while now and Merrickville seemed both like a nice place, and a good compromise between New Brunswick and Northern Ontario (where our parents live). We also have friends and family both in the Ottawa area. So Krista was impressed enough with Merrickville that we up and moved here in December.

We had a nice place to rent for the short term. However it had no yard and was on the main street (a lot of truck traffic). In February we put an offer in on a house just off the Rideau River and it finalized in March. Our closing date is now fast approaching at the end of May.

This is a great place to live as I've found over the last number of months. For one thing, I'm close to trains again!

Maybe too close! ;)

Many more things are in the works, we get a canoe in a couple weeks, as well as the house. Expect lots of photos and videos from that adventure!


Bob VE3MPG said...

Nice to see you posting again Martin. We like visiting you and Krista in Merrickville and no doubt you'll have your first new home ready for the summer very soon.

Now to get my own blog running again. . . .

Yabut said...

I knew kids who used to lay with their heads near the tracks. That's likely the sort of view they got too. Too scary, even on video!

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